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Dayum Dayum

It's been a really long time since I have written anything in here. I don't have the internet anymore at my house (as some of you know) so I am never online. I'm usually at my friend Amber's house when I can get on to check mail and shit, so I don't stay on for too long.

There is way too much to say to even come close to the actual things that happened.

We met this girl, Merrell, who moved to AK from TX, and now Amber Merrell and I are practically inseperable. Erin G has started to hang out with our circle of friends more often and I've enjoyed chillin with her again like back in school. Merrell has gone back to TX for a while to get things cleared up at home down there, and will come to school halfway into the year or so, and B**** and I don't get along anymore. That means a lot less time over at the "Penis Buffet" Party House. That sucks. Matt L is no longer scary, he is a strong sweet-heart. Matt W is still a slut. Amber and B**** went out, then broke up, then went out, then broke up, then slept together. I don't understand, but whatever. C***** got together with Merrell and then lost her to B*****. Now they're on their way to an ends, and C***** and I are through before we started. We went to BlueGrass in Talkeetna, DAYUM was that fun! :) Been missing raves a lot, and missing my friends in Cali even more. W***** is back from the Navy Boot Camp cuz of criminal charges of fraud. Been smoking a lot of bud, thinking of quitting that for a while. Gonna work at K-Mart. Gotta grow up.

That's about it, peoples. I hope I can hear from ya, write some things in here, I'm bored!
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