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Crazy crazy shit

I guess Im on another party marathon here. Ive been going non-stop for almost a month now. Crazy crazy nights of Adderall or however you spell it, smoking LOTS of bud, and meeting new people. Crazy crazy.

This past week has been exceptionally interesting. Passing out while making out with someone, a HUGE slipknot poster, lots and lots of pool... Hot guys are cool too.

The other night Id have to say was the craziest. Corbin got a lil too drunk at the bar, so by the time he got home we figured it was WELL time to fuck with him. Basically, we have two rolls of film where he is covered with black ink and rude remarks, wearing a shiny green thong. It would have been funny enough if he just layed there, but for the fact that he got up and danced around trying to get laid made it even better! HAHA Great shit, drugs are freaky, arent they?

Yesterday was crazy. I thought I was on acid and hallucinating the whole thing, because it was too weird. Every hot guy at the mall; Amber and I met. At one point, me and her met this boy who's mom won the 4 mil lottery a few years ago, and the 3 mil a year later. He took us out to dinner :) Then we met his friend, who is taking us out to dinner TOMORROW night, and met like tons of hotties with phat drug hook-ups. RIGHT ON!

Tomorrow I'm dying Amber's hair and going to... *drumroll* VOLLEYBALL! How much happier could I be? Well I couldnt hehe...

Lots of shit I am leaving out, like broken hearts and a sister's hair ripped out in her sister's hand... But I cant type right now. Too fucked up! hehe
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