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I think I love Bam Margera... <3

I love all the CKY movies, so much! They crack me up. I think CKY3 is my favorite one, but ya know, CKY2K and CKY have their awesomely great points ;)

Bam Margera and Brandon DiCamillo are my heros, they are just too awesome. Who else can make someone laugh so hard just by peeing on their dad or mocking a drive through window operator? ::hehe::

I miss my Jakey... I haven't talked to him in a long long time...

I miss the ocean. I miss the constant sun, the bright green grass, the waves, the surfers, the tan boys walking down the sand, surfboard under arm, sweeping their sandy blond hair outta their eyes before they paddle out... ::sigh:: I miss California.

I do love it here, I love it a lot. It definately has it's awesome points. Hmm... I have to think about my life a lot... I'm not sure exactly what it's there for sometimes...

If someone knows, lemme know too :D

I read a really great live journal thing today. This boy named Casey wrote all about his life. I should do that sometime.. But I dont think anyone will read it :( If you will, lemme know too, cuz I will write it. I think many of you will be surprised at me...
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