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People=Shit.. How true is that.

In case anyone actually cares, and actually reads this... I am o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o

o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: my mom just fucking beat the shit out of her boyfriend and i had to
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: hold on i have to kill him
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: i just threw shit at him and hit him in the stomach as hard as i could with a broom
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and my mom threw a knife at him
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: you dont understand what i am going through
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: i fucking hate him
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: he's always saying that my mom is a slut and fucking everyone in our apartment building
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: shes with him 24-7 how coudl she
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and that i am a little spoiled bitch

o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: i have never gotteen anything in my life from my bitch mother and i have never gotten anything in my life from that asshole
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: i never get shit
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: i hit him in the face last night
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: i hit him in the head witha fishing pole reel twice a few weeks ago
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: he cut his face
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: i hate him so muhc
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: he just said that shes a drunk bitch which is true but he cant talk to her like that
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and that she is fucking our landlord
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and that he feeds her and that his dick is her life
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and she pushed him over into the wall
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and over the desk
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and intot he corner of the tv table
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and i smacked him in the back,. and in the back of the neck,
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and then he fucking had to pull the last straw
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and he said
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: oh yeah natlaie did she go to the store and feed your fat ass with fifty dollars of food?
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and i fucking ripped the front door open and grabed two shoes
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: chased him out the door
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: hit him in the leg with one
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and hit him int he head with the other
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: then i grabbed the broom and hit him in the stomach really hard
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and hes' on probation
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and shouldnt be drinking
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and im gonna turn him in
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: im calling the police right now
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: she wont let me
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: what a fucking bitch
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: im gonna fucking kill myself
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: im gona fuckign kill myself
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: i knocked over our table and spilled candles and wax all over my moms bed and the floor
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and hit myself in the head and banged my head on the table
.:jUsTiN:.: u ok now?
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: no im not fucking ok
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: im gonna fucking go up to his apartment and steal every piece of money that he has
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: im gona fucking run away
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: im gona fucking die
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: hopefully ill walk down the street and meet someoen who will give me a lot of drugs and kill me and rape me
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: and then burn my hideous fat ugly body and i'll go to hell
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: : no i hope i go somewhere else i dont want to be there with my mother and that asshole
o0o_backoutonthehighway_o0o: i have to just run away
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